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Killead Kirk Session 2019Elders 2


Minister:  Rev. John Murdock (front row centre)
Assistant Minister:  Mr. Alan Burke (front row left)
(front l-r) Wilbert Hyde, Clements Suffern, Vanessa Lorimer, James McClurg, Rosemary Wilson, Brian Swann, William Rea
(back l-r) Sam Hyde, Tom Lewis, David McClenaghan, Lyle Mackey, Philip Patterson, Denis Minford, William Hyde, Mervyn Rea

After being a valuable member of our ministry team for over two years, Alan was called to be the Minister of Lissara Presbyterian Church in Crossgar in late 2019. At his final service with us on the 12th January 2020, he and Alison and their family were presented with gifts by James, John and Rosemary._IL_0006


In 2014, our Minister Emeritus, Rev Derek Weir  reached a significant milestone, in that it was 50 years since his ordination. Following a meal in the Templeton Hotel, Derek and his wife, Maureen were presented with gifts on behalf of the Session and Congregation by Rev John Murdock and his wife, Ann.







A second significant milestone was recognised on the same evening. Mr Brian Swann has served as a Ruling Elder for 45 years and to mark this, he and his wife Ena were presented with gifts by Clerk of Session, Mr James McClurg and his wife Doreen.










In April, 2016 a special service was held to mark 50 years since the installation of Rev. Weir as Minister.


Rev Weir 50th 001



Congregational Committee

Church Comittee 2019


Front l-r. Wilbert Hyde, Vanessa Lorimer, Mervyn Rea, James McClurg, Rev. John Murdock, Alan Burke (Assistant Minister), Tom Lewis, Rosemary Wilson, David Martin.

Middle l-r. Andrew Hyde, Ann Hyde, Catherine McMaster, Joan Ward, Elizabeth Hyde, William Hyde, Andrew Mackey, John Patterson, Robert Stirling, Philip Patterson.

Back l-r. Chris Conville, Nigel Hamill, Sam Hyde, William Lorimer, David McClenaghan, Brian McComb, Lyle Mackey, Irwin Martin, Denis Minford.