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Presbyterian Women (P.W.)

Presbyterian Women (PW) encourages women of all ages to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

The P.W. meets every 1st Monday in the month at 8pm from October to April. Meetings are usually held in the Church Hall except when we visit Loanends P.C. or go out for our annual dinner. All ladies of all ages will be made most welcome.

Every year there is a different theme. For for 2019-2020 it is “Restore”.

Come along and join us at the following:-

Monday 7th October: Sharon Cardwell will share about the inspirational work of Homestart.

Monday 4th November: Joanne Smyton will speak on Raising up the Hurting.

Monday 2nd December: Get inspired to decorate your home for Christmas.

Wednesday 8th January 2020: We will visit Loanends PW.

Monday 3rd February: “Lagans Dragons” – Cancer Support.

Monday 2nd March: An evening of craft activities led by Hazel Campbell.

Monday 6th April: We will spend the evening at Standing Stones Lodge with a meal and a tour of the facilities.

Special Dates:

Saturday 22nd February 2020: Winter Warmer Lunch.

Sunday 15th March 2020: PW Service, speaker – Jean Gibson.

The October meeting of 2018 featured memorabilia from weddings of the past few decades.



The 2017 Harvest Concert featured The Sound of Solace Choir and a financial gift was presented for cancer research.



The image below shows the PW Choir and musicians from the Worship Group at the 2016 PW Service

P.W service 2015 004

The PW Mission Statement is as follows: Presbyterian Women encourages women to become disciples of Christ. PW aims to highlight the need for love and unity, obedience to God, local and global mission, Christian living and spiritual maturity, service using gifts, time and money. The motto is “Living for Jesus”.

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