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Taking Care

In Killead Presbyterian Church we take our duty of care for our children and vulnerable adults very seriously. This part of our website is designed to inform leaders about Taking Care training and developments.

Refresher Training

All our existing leaders received Refresher Training on Monday 3rd September 2018. This is updated every three years.

Access NI Disclosure

If you are new to leadership and would like to work in a SUPERVISORY capacity with children (0-18) you must have an Access NI check completed if the following conditions apply:-

You will be supervising once a week or

For any overnight or

For four or more times in a thirty day period.

How to complete an Access NI Disclosure check

First, you must follow this link to the PCI Taking Care website and print off the Application form for Leaders from the Vetting section . It will include a PIN number and web address for the NI Direct website where the Access NI form is found.

Once the Application Form is complete, ( your Leader in Charge or Designated Person can help you with this so don’t worry) you must then visit the NI Direct website and complete an online Access NI form. Please note that you must complete an Enhanced Disclosure Check. This can be completed on our church computer if required. On completion, you will be given a reference number which must be written on your Application Form.

At this point you will take your Application Form, together with I.D. to our Designated Person or Minister who will check the I.D, sign the form and take a copy before posting it to the Taking Care Office. Only when the Application Form is received by the Taking Care Office will your online form be sent electronically to Access NI.

Taking Care Policy (Reviewed in September 2018)

Click on the icon below to view our Child Protection Policy.

Killead Taking Care Policy 2018

Taking Care Update

You can view the PCI Taking Care Update here.