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Here you will find downloadable activities which you can do together as a family.


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The aim of our Sunday School is to share the Gospel and provide biblical principles and teaching to the young people in our Church and surrounding community.   We enjoy the support of a team of committed Christian leaders who do their best to ensure that our children participate in a wide variety of activities which are all biblical, relevant and fun.


Bible Class is for young people of Secondary School age who enjoy meeting together in a comfortable and friendly environment.  There is an opportunity to learn more about what the Bible teaches in a way which is relevant to them and where they are free to discuss and develop their faith in an atmosphere of openness and honesty.

The Bible Class meets every Sunday during term time at 10.45am, with tea and biscuits included and everyone is welcome.



We have a very lively group of boys and girls who enjoy Bible Stories, Quizzes, Memory Verses, Games, Songs, Craft and Drama.

Our Sunday school is open to Children aged between 4 and 11, we meet every Sunday during term time at 10.45am. Every child is made at killead 2015 014